[a Brand Intensive]

The Brand Refresh Package

For Coaches, Consultants [and other small businesses].

Want to elevate your brand from “DIY” to “Premium”? Let’s position you online as the expert you are [within a week!]

In the first couple of years of your business, it’s highly probable that things are going to shift, morph and evolve into something new. That’s normal. Especially for Consultants and Coaches who are often on a bit of a journey of self discovery through the process.

As your business transitions, you’ll quickly find that you’ve outgrown your brand, though.


But you’re also not ready to invest over 5 figures on that big custom brand, just yet. This brand package is a potential solution for you. Designed to quickly get that new idea / offering out into the world [or refresh the brand you’ve outgrown].

Elevating you – so that you can confidently show up as the expert you are.

brand refresh package for consultants and coaches

What do you get?


Brand Roadmap [foundational strategy]


Main Logo [1 concept - 2 revisions]


Alternate Logo + Square Submark


Colour Palette


Brand Typography [font pairing]


Custom Patterns + Icons [where appropriate]


1 x Banner image [choice: Linkedin / Facebook]


Brand Style Guide

Why is this brand refresh package, a “brand intensive”?

We know you want to get this sorted + get cracking with attracting all those lovely clients.

So we have condensed our proven 4-week process Рinto a tight  [but fun] one week experience.


Total Investment: $1,500


Optional Extra’s:

Here are a few items you can add to the brand refresh package [to help you as a consultant / coach]:


Additional Logo Concepts explored

[This is for the person who feels uncomfortable with just one logo concept, and would like to see more ideas]


Branding Templates [tweaked to your brand]

[business cards, Letterheads, brochures, company profile etc.]


Social Media Templates [or retainers]

[We can set the templates up for you to create, or you can keep us on retainer]


Website design

"Really excellent beaufiul execution"

Emma helped me clarify why I do the work I do, it felt like a conversation with a friend, and resulted in a brand that feels aligned. I walked into a room of experts the other day, and felt like I confidently fit in – knowing who I am + what I offer.


"People "know" me when they see the branding"

I didn’t have a clear and cohesive brand handwriting, but Emma was able to just “get” me – the process was engaging, inspiring and professional. I now have a brand that reflects me well!


"Emma was very professional and easy to deal with."

Emma assisted me in working through the market and value proposition, branding, and website design. She has a methodical and logical approach that made it easy to work through, gave me insights, and challenged me to better position the company.



How does it work?

We use our tried and tested recipe to build a brand that “feels like you”.



Using your fresh ingredients,

adding in our expertise [and a bit of secret spice], we create a brand that feels fresh, elevated, and aligned to where you’re taking your business.

The process in more detail…


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STEP 1: the recipe

The first stage in creating a brand you love, is to build the brand roadmap… which you can read more about here.

Think of it like us taking all your branding ideas [ingredients], and pulling it together into an easy to follow recipe.


STEP 2: We start cooking


Before creating a logo – we need to make sure we are on the same page, to do this – we use Brand Moodboards:

Client 1:

Client 2:

The moodboards are a great way for us to discuss what you like, and talk through which option reflects where you want to position the brand. It gives us a clear idea as to where to go moving forward, and it gives you the peace of mind – knowing we are on the right track.


With a clear idea as to the direction, we start working on a logo concept that will communicate you most effectively – this will be presented in a way that gives you a sense as to how it works in practice:

Reviewing the moodboard, the ideal client + the brand “feel” – we go to work on looking at logo options:

and then we distill it down to the best option for the brand:

Some clients prefer an additional logo concept – like this:


After the main logo is finalised… alternate logos are developed + colours and fonts are finalised. It is all then consolidated into a brand style guide [to help you + your team to stay “on brand” all the time]:

STEP 3: share the goodness

Time to confidently put your brand online, share it with the world + attract that ideal client! Ready to do this!

The final touch of the package – is to provide you with a banner graphic.

You’d choose between a cover image for your facebook page, or your linkedin page – so that you can ensure that your business is starting to be positioned the way it should online.

You can then take your brand collateral + begin positioning yourself online.

Alternatively – you may contract us to help you with the next phase of getting your brand our there.

Here are some of the additional ways we can assist you:

// Website Design

// Marketing Templates

// Social Media templates [or retainers]

It sounds great, right!

But before we can sign on the dotted line, let’s book in a 15min [no obligation] chat to make sure that this is right for you [and that we are a good fit].


Who are we?

Hey! I’m Emma, the founder of The Brand Deli [TBD] – which is a division of FreshSage Brand Agency.


Why create the brand deli?

Coaches and Consultants [and other smaller service based businesses], need a premium brand to be taken seriously – but they don’t have the premium budget that the large scale agencies are asking for.


We want to help you confidently make a difference online + we know that a brand is often a great way to help you get there.