Create a personal brand that allows you to do more of the consulting work you actually love.

To build a personal brand

that gets results,

…starts with a strong foundation.

You want to stand out online, but there’s a problem…

It's hard to know what makes your business unique or different

You’re wondering if you’re going to fall into the “sea of sameness” and disappear into the abyss of the internet.

All the "shiny opportunities" are distracting you from getting it all done

Are you on a roller-coaster of stopping and starting, and continually finding new things to distract you from getting it all done.


You're not sure if you're connecting with ideal clients.

You’re either not finding them, or you’re chasing them away. You’re also not sure if your offer makes any sense.


You're overwhelmed by all the decisions + tasks

There are so many balls that need to be juggled, the task list owns you + decisions are overwhelming [taking up way too many hours in your day].

After working with many consultants + coaches, we took our tried and tested formula for building strong foundations, and created:


Personal Brand


get clear

+ focused

uncover your


find ideal


grow your business

Has everything you need to establish a clear framework for your personal brand.

[and it’s a fraction of the cost of my 1:1 process]

Use my tried and tested 4 part formula, to:


Get clear on why you're unique


Take action with great offers


Really get clear on who you serve


Focus for the next 6 months

My formula to create a Personal brand, packaged together in 4 easy to action recipes [includes guidebooks, templates, & videos]



Personal Brand


I’ve been


I read all the articles, researched the theories, and re-invented my multi-passionate self… a few times over [and yes, lots of coffee was involved].

You don’t need to spend the countless hours, months and years trying to figure it all out yourself, I did that for you.

I’ve distilled my process.

After working with consultants, coaches, authors, and coarse creators [like you]…



I found that creating a solid brand foundation relied on 4 key factors:


// Knowing where you’re going

// Understanding why you’re unique

// Being clear on who you serve

// Providing those clients with clear offers

build your unique authority + stand out online.

The “Personal Brand Collection” is filled with easy to action tasks.

Get clarity on the essential elements of your brand + take action towards your goals

get clear

+ focused

Set great goals + have the Tactical steps to pave a clear way forward for your business.

uncover your


Uncover what makes your brand unique so that you can stand out from the crowd.

find ideal


Figure out which clients to focus on, where to market, and how to connect with them.

grow your business

Make money by knowing which clear offers to share with clients – time for massive traction.

3 simple steps to a clear personal brand

[and business growth]


1. Get Access

After purchasing, you’ll get access to my 4 step formula for creating your unique personal brand [filled with recipes, templates, and video’s]


2. take action

Each step of the formula is packed with simple tasks to get you clear and focused

3. grow your business

Confidently take the steps to build a personal brand that’s YOU!

No need to spend countless hours second guessing yourself!

// Make decisions quicker

// Have more time for the kids

// Less distractions from all the shiny objects

// Know what to say no to

What’s in the

Personal Brand Collection?

// 4 guidebooks: With easy to action guides + questions on the following topics:

// 4 short Videos: Guiding you through the workbooks, with tips to make the process easier

// Additional Templates: Snatch the additional templates I have created just for you.

Unique positioning

Getting rid of the bland, and positioning you uniquely – so you stand out in a crowd

Ideal Client

Outlining who you serve, really getting to know which clients you want to focus on + how to market to them

Clear Goals

Guiding you as you set clear goals for the brand [also includes a positioning statement template].

Creating Offers

Making sure that you have the right balance of offers, that delight clients 

Total Value for this Collection: $595

Get the Collection for $50


I really want it!

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