How to stand out with a UNIQUE personal brand



Position your business in the market + stand out from everyone else – by uncovering your “secret sauce” – and working out how to incorporate it into your brand.



This workbook is for the consultant and coach who are wondering how they can position themselves in a very saturated market.

It’s right for you if:

    • You’re wondering why clients would do business with you, instead of everyone else
    • There’s a lot of competition in your market – and you’re not quite sure how to position yourself in your market
  • You haven’t worked out what your “secret sauce” is yet
  • You’d love your purpose to come through in what you do [but haven’t figured it out just yet].

What will you get?

      • A workbook – with easy action questions to help you distill your secret sauce
      • A Short video – guiding you through the workbook

Client Feedback:

“Emma, this process has literally been life changing” – Yolande

“I wish everyone had an opportunity to go through this process” – Natasha


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