What is the cost of logo design for Coaches & Consultants?

How much is the cost of a logo for coaches and consultants?

Logo design rates can range from Free to hundreds of thousands – but for consultants and coaches specifically – they can expect to pay anywhere between $500 – $100,000.


The price you’ll pay for a logo design [or logo package, or brand identity]  as a small business usually falls in the lower end of that range though [anyone breathing a sigh of relief?] and it is dependant on quite a few factors – which we have outlined below.

8 Factors to consider when thinking about your logo design budget:

After all – the cost of logo design for coaches and consultants can vary pretty drastically.  So, how do you know what the right spend is for your business?

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1. What you need [Logo, variety of marks, a full identity]

Many Coaches & Consultants think that they just need a logo.

Depending on what you plan to do with your business, you may need a variety of logo’s to work on a variety of applications – the main logo, a horizontal logo, a square logo, and even an icon.

All of these components need to work together and look like the same brand – here’s an example of how we took one logo, and applied it to a variety of situations:

You may also need more than just the logo…

Your business may need a full Brand Identity [as indicated above]

A brand identity is made up of the folowing 6 factors:

// Logo

// Submarks

// Colour Palette

// Font / Typography

// Imagery

// Patterns + Textures

// Icons + other brand elements


2. The Size of your Consultancy

The size of your business impacts the amount that’s generally spent on the brand.

Based on the initial examples of logo costs, it would be risky for a very large practice to invest $500 in their logo – similarly – it wouldn’t make sense for a solopreneur to invest their full annual turnover into a rebrand.

A rebrand needs to be relative to the business + problem you’re trying to solve.

A quick Example: BP spent $1mil on their rebrand to the hellios – which seems ludicrous on initial observation.

However, when you look at the fact that their annual turnover was $180billion USD in 2020 – spending $1mil is a fraction [not even a drop in the 1% they would allocate to their marketing budget].

And that’s not even considering the risk of getting it wrong…

3. Potential risk involved

Rebranding comes with a bit of risk.

Ask GAP. In 2010 GAP wanted to re-invent themselves + rebranded… but with a backlash from the public and their most loyal fans, they ended up changing back to the old logo – only 6 days later… with an estimated cost to the business of 100million.

[from GAP]

The bigger the company, the more risk when you shift your brand + get it wrong.

There is also risk involved in not shifting and keeping up with where the world is moving [most companies rebrand or refresh their brand every 7 – 10 years]

Thanks to core77 for this evolution of coke + pepsi

4. Your Clientelle

Depending on the market you’re trying to attract, your logo could either be building credibility – or it could be impacting how your client perceives you [and whether they will spend their money with your business].

People associate themselves to particular brands – and your brand will either attract, or repel your clients.

5. Where you're located

The location you’re in should not impact on the amount your logo will cost you.

Pricing trends have shifted.

In the past, there was a strong likelihood that you’d use your local design company [down the road] to create your logo – this resulted in a price variation in logo costs [based on the different regions you were in]

Things have shifted globally, and since Covid, clients have look online – the amount of overseas coaches and consultants we have worked with has been pretty awesome!

resulting in the fact that pricing is evening out between countries [which also makes pricing even more vague].

6. Your offering

Wait! Why does your offering impact how much you should spend on your logo?

Depending on the kind of service you have, you may not have a large margin of profit to work with to invest in a rebrand.

If you have two companies that make 500k in turnover, but one company has 3% profit + the other company has 30% profit – the appetite for putting budget aside for the rebrand will be vastly different.

One also needs to look at what you’re trying to achieve with the new logo – what is the problem it solves + what is the bigger impact on your business.

7. The kind of company you get to design your logo

Not all designers are the same.

Whilst there is a general guideline that designers work off of, some will offer services at a very low cost, some will price for their specialty [even within the three company types noted below].

The most common design company types are:

// Freelancers + Solopreneurs + Specialits – are usually used by those starting out, smaller companies [and some bigger companies too] – they enjoy having someone they can lean on – almost like an additional member of their team. Often, the person is a specialist in one area [i.e. logo design].

// Smaller Agencies [a boutique agency – like ours] still give a personal touch, but because there are a few more team members involved – you get the advantage of more thinking instead of just executing, plus more agility and capacity [instead of having just one person, there are more people who can help you across a few areas], without the copious overhead costs of the larger guys.

// Large Agencies: Larger national companies prefer to go with larger agencies – So I’m just going to say that for the vast majority of consultants and coaches – thi is not the best option for you. [the fee they will kick off with – will suck most of your budget + you won’t see the value for it]. Larger agencies are great for ad campaigns and billboard brand awareness.

8. Do you have a clear strategy upfront?

More than just having a logo that’s memorable + distinctive – you want your mark to get you results, align with your business goals + position you in your market.

To do that effectively – you need to have a solid brand strategy [or roadmap] in place.

So, what is the right cost of logo design for your coaching or consulting business?

At the end of the day, your situation is unique & needs to be assessed based on your budget and requirements.

Quick Guide


If you’re just starting your coaching business, or have limited budget – but want to scale…

… Expect to invest between $500 – $3,000 on your logo [and brand].

Our Options

Take a look at our awesome Brand Deli options – premade [but only sold 4x] these semi-custom brands will have you looking profesh in no time!

“It was amazing + your process totally exceeded my expectations! Out of the many stories I told you about my reasons for wanting to start this consultancy, you were able to create a brand for me which is truly reflective of who I am. It feels very authentic. Not only that - I had originally only planned to start my consultancy in the new year, but because of the work I've done with you I have managed to already start on some of my business objectives.”

Natasha Thomas – Bright Sprout Consulting


You’ve been in business for a while – and are now at the stage where everything is settled [except your look – which is all over the place].

A refresh could range between $3,000 – $15,000.


Our Options

We believe in creating custom options for your brand [instead of making you invest in a package filled with things you don’t need. We’d need to start with a strategy to determine what the best option is.

Emma took the time to really get to know me and my business. What I stand for, what makes me unique. Then she translated that into brand colors, brand “feel” and now I have such fun colors that represent me, and my vision as a coach.

Michelle Marie – Put your Passion to Work 

Want to chat about the right options for you?

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