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brand identity

How do you maintain brand identity despite using templates?

create an identity

Your Logo isn’t enough!

Using your logo on your templates, is a great start… but it isn’t enough to help clients remember who you are.


The other two elements [of your brand] that can sneakily cause a lot of chaos, are:



    1. Colours
    2. Fonts

When you’re using a bunch of different templates from different designers – make sure that you apply your brands colours and fonts across them all.


Lucky for you…

Canva makes that easy. 

[see below]


Quick starting point with our template:

Is to change all the colours at once – trust me, it will save you a bunch of time. You can do the same thing with the fonts! Phew!

If you’re on paid canva…

you can load your brand colours and fonts to make it even easier!

No more having to remember the colour code… you load your brand colours and fonts once, and they are always there – one click away!

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