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A shop for Consultants & Coaches who want to elevate their brand online

[without breaking their launch budget]

“The week after rebranding, we were booked with overseas speaking gigs, and our business shifted from 7 – 8 figures.”

Mark Bowness

You want to be seen as the expert you are, the

premium choice

But right now – your brand looks more like a hot mess, a bit DIY, and stuck together with ducktape, or maybe it’s just a little dated.


For the past 10 years, we have worked with clients just like you, who wanted to feel as confident in their brand as they do in their well tailored jacket.


We helped our clients not only stand out in their market, but also attract more of the kind of clients they had only dreamed of!

What do you need?

Clear Brand Roadmap

Create a clear strategy for your brand – with a roadmap that positions your brand for success >

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Brand-in-a-day Package

Making sure that you look like the professional you are >

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Marketing Templates

Templates that are easily customised to your brand >

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Who are we?

Hey! I’m Emma, the founder of The Brand Deli – which is a division of FreshSage Brand Agency.


Why did you create The Brand Deli?

Coaches and Consultants [and other smaller service based businesses], need a premium brand to be taken seriously – but they don’t have the premium budget that the large scale agencies are asking for.


We want to help you confidently make a difference online + we know that a brand is often a great way to help you get there.


Our recipe is simple…

Just like any great chef – we love working with the best freshest ingredients you have available [this season], adding in our expertise, and a bit of secret spice – we go to work to create something unique, just for you!


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STEP 1: we chat

Whether you’re booking in a Brand Roadmap or Brand Package – we prefer to set up a no obligation 15min chat to make sure that  we are the right choice for you.

STEP 2: We start cooking

We align your brand to where you want to take your business.

Brand Roadmap:

The Brand Roadmap session will get you clear and focused, so that you ditch the shiny objects, get rid of the overwhelm + grow  your business with ease.

Brand Package:

We look at how you can position the brand visually – aligining your “look” to the kind of client you want to attract.
It’s all about putting your best foot forward, to set you up for success!

STEP 3: share the goodness

Time to confidently put your brand online, share it with the world + attract that ideal client! Ready to do this!

Want to Schedule an Appointment?

Emma climbed into our company’s brain and helped us focus on what we needed to achieve. I had never done that before. It was excellent to take that journey with her. Emma is a branding genius + gives her heart and soul to every job she takes on.”


I was thrilled. Every facet of my interaction with Emma has been outstanding. This is the reason I still engage her for my most trusted design pieces.


Emma has a magical branding touch. Somehow she took my jumbled ideas and was able to make sense of who I am, and created a beautiful brand that delivered instant results [increasing our sales calls].


Emma was a delight to work with. The experience was fun and exciting and we wish we had done this sooner! The whole process was finished ahead of schedule too. We love our brand, and and can't wait to get going with it.

The Dalkins

Ready to have a fresh brand that stands out online?