The Brand Roadmap

This strategy session is perfect for the coach | consultant who wants to reduce the overwhelm, get focused, and have an easy to implement blueprint. 

We will cover the following:

// Big business goal / dream

Creating a clear way forward for the business – getting super clear as to where the business is going.

// Your unique differentiator

Let’s get clear as to how you can stand out in your market – so that you attract more of those clients you love!

// Your ideal client

Knowing who you serve more deeply [+how].

// Your offering

Aligning what you do, with who you serve in the most effective way.

What do you get?

  1. A PDF of your Roadmap – where we clearly layout your next steps
  2.  A 1:1 intensive session to unpack all the thoughts and ideas – and structure your roadmap
  3. What you actually get: clarity + focus. When you’re confident about where you’ll position your business, you find renewed excitement + ditch the overwhelm.


Total Investment: $595



Who are we?

Hey! I’m Emma, the founder of The Brand Deli [TBD] – which is a division of FreshSage Brand Agency.


Why create the brand deli?

Coaches and Consultants [and other smaller service based businesses], need a premium brand to be taken seriously – but they don’t have the premium budget that the large scale agencies are asking for.


We want to help you confidently make a difference online + we know that a brand is often a great way to help you get there.


How does it all work?

You’re eager to have a clear focused plan, but how do we go about creating a brand roadmap?


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STEP 1: The ingredients

First step in creating a roadmap for your brand, is to look at all your brand’s ingredients … this all happens in one session [about 1 – 2 hours].

What’s it like?

If you ask our previous clients – they will tell you that your session will feel like you’re having a chat with a friend… some will say that it feels like a bit of “brand therapy” – where you share all those thoughts + feel a bit lighter at the end.

STEP 2: the recipe

We’ll take all those ingredients and look at the shortest, easiest route to where you want to go. We’ll assimilar that into easy to work through roadmap.

Think of your brand roadmap like the recipe you’ve been searching for.

STEP 3: Recipe run through

We will set up a follow up session to run through your brand roadmap.

It’s our opportunity to chat through how all the ingredients come together + ensure that the roadmap feels like the right recipe for you.

It will never be the perfect plan, but it will be the perfect starting point for you to build on.

Our clients say that the not only leave the session feeling lighter, but they feel excited about their business again.

Ready to book your roadmap?

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