Why a Brochure is Still a Powerful Marketing Asset for Coaches and Consultants

Are brochures still a good idea for coaches and consultants? How can they be used effectively? Plus 12 creative ways consultants can effectively market with brochures.
Question of the day:

Are people still using brochures,

now that everything is online?


How relevant is a brochure in today’s online world?

If I had to guess,

when you think of brochures,

you probably picture those boring

pamphlet things they shove at you

at networking events,

am I right?


Before you write off brochures as outdated relics,

let me stop you right there.

The brochure has had a major glow-up recently, and it’s reinvented itself as one of the most versatile marketing tools out there.


In fact, one of my biggest selling offers is actually a downloadable brochure template!


Tons of coaches and consultants are using brochures to educate prospects, build credibility, and stand out from the crowd.



Why are brochures still so popular?

Well, they’re the perfect package for showcasing your expertise in a visually compelling way. Plus they’re handy. Brochures are easy to pop into your bag + take with you anywhere [or share digitally].


But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.


In this post, I’m going to show you exactly why brochures deserve a spot in your marketing lineup – whether you use them for in-person meetings and events or as multimedia digital resources.


From psychology-based design principles to turbo-charge their impact, to creative ways to integrate brochures into your marketing funnel…I’ve got you covered.


This unassuming asset is about to become your new secret weapon.

What are the advantages of having a brochure – when you’re a coach / consultant?

But what exactly makes them so darn useful for coaches and consultants like yourself?

Here are a few key advantages that might surprise you:


They make a Tangible Difference


They create a "wow" factor


its a budget friendly power move

1. The Tangible Difference

There’s something satisfying about holding an beautiful brochure in your hands, isn’t there?
In our digital world, having that tactile marketing piece creates a more memorable experience.
Use them as irresistible take-home items after a consultation or speaking gig. With engaging visuals and a persuasive outline of your services, they’ll keep you front-of-mind long after the initial meeting.


2. The “Wow” Multimedia Factor

But brochures today aren’t just static prints. They can incorporate all sorts of multimedia magic like QR codes, video, audio and interactive graphics.
Imagine packaging up your advice, stories and teaching into one multi-sensory journey!
You’re able to bring your expertise to life in fresh, engaging ways.

3. The Budget-Friendly Power Move

Compared to some other marketing tactics, brochures remain a cost-effective investment that can be maximized at various touchpoints.
Use them for in-person events, mail campaigns, giveaways and more to extend your reach efficiently.
Bonus: Repurpose that core content for digital brochures to amplify your messaging with minimal extra effort.
So in a nutshell, brochures give you a tangible, multimedia, budget-conscious way to nurture leads and build deeper relationships with your clients. Pretty brilliant when you think about it that way!

The question becomes: To print your brochure, or go digital?


As a coach or consultant, your marketing needs to be flexible and reach audiences through multiple channels. 

That’s where brochures become an invaluable asset.

They work amazingly in both print and digital formats: 


The Print Brochure is “tactile”

  • It’s a memorable “leave-behind” after meetings/events
  • You could design it to be an engaging take-home from a talk or workshop
  • The brochure positions your expertise with impressive design
  • It’s like a “take-away menu” of your offers

The Connected Digital Brochure

  • It’s cost-effective [no print costs] + easy to share via email, website, social
  • You can embed video, audio, animations for multimedia
  • It’s an environment-friendly option for eco-conscious clients
  • It’s Easy to update [and you can track delivery/opens]
  • Using them in tandem allows you to meet clients where they are [multiple brochures for multiple offers].

The print version makes an impactful first impression, while the digital extends the experience and nurtures the relationship. and there is nothing wrong with having both.


marketing tips

12 Creative Ways Consultants and Coaches effectively market with Brochures:

1. As a mini “company profile”: Haven’t quite developed a company profile yet? Creating a brochure that outlines the different consulting or coaching services you provide. Highlight the benefits of each service and explain how you can help clients achieve their goals.


2. Workshop or Training Program Promotion: Running a workshop? Use brochures to advertise upcoming workshops, training sessions, or webinars, including the topics covered, schedule, and learning outcomes.

3. Specialized Coaching Packages: Are you launching a new package? Offer tailored coaching packages in a brochure format, catering to different client needs or specific niches within their expertise [easier than creating a website – especially when you’re in test phase].

4. Expertise and Credentials Showcase: Craft a brochure that highlights your expertise, qualifications, certifications, and relevant experience in the industry to build trust with potential clients.


5. Client Testimonials and Success Stories: Design a brochure featuring testimonials from satisfied clients and case studies that showcase the what the journey is like.

6. Tips and Advice Brochure: Provide a brochure with valuable tips, advice, or actionable steps related to the challenges your clients face. This could be a great opt-in / freebie to attract new clients to your brand.

7. Industry Insights and Trends: Create a brochure that presents insights and trends relevant to your target audience’s industry. Think about how effective those infographic type brochures can be.


8. Personal Branding Material: Design a brochure as part of your personal branding toolkit, showcasing your unique approach, values, and the benefits of working with you.

9. Speakers toolkit / Keynote Topics: Are you thinking of speaking more? Clients are usually looking for a little more info – yo can promote your availability for speaking engagements, listing out your keynote topics, and bio.

10. Method / System in a brochure: Explain your approach to coaching or your consulting methodology in a succinct brochure to help potential clients understand what to expect from working with you.

11. Test-Drive Session Promotion: Want to offer a free promo session – then a brochure can help to position you effectively, encouraging potential clients to experience your services + “test drive” your business. 

12. Add in to Goodie Bags: Are you sponsoring an event? Or invited as the speaker? Pop your brochure into the goodie bag – so that your clients have a little reminder when they get home.


Next steps

Which of these 12 options will you try?

Or perhaps you have other ways that you like to use your brochures?

There are many ways that you can use your brochure to get your name out there, position yourself as the authority in your market, and stand out as the expert.

They are still used today to effectively grow your business – as long as you aren’t shoving them into someone’s hand, saying “by my stuff” – because nobody wants to work with a sleazy salesperson. lol.

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